InSTEDD needs an iPhone developer for a great App

by Jon Thompson on August 7, 2008

Eduardo Jezierski over at InSTEDD is looking for a developer to help build an SMS GeoChat iPhone App.  It seems that SMS GeoChat has begun to draw some attention even though it is pre-Beta.  For those of you interested in volunteering your time (that’s right, volunteering) please email me at

This is a fairly cool app that they are working on and I am proud to say I had a little hand in some of the design aspects.  I am most excited about the fact that aid workers will now be able to send their coordinates from a Thuraya via SMS to a group of email addresses and the recipients will be able to view the sender’s location in Google Earth, Google Maps, Live Earth, etc.

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N.Sankar August 8, 2008 at 7:46 am

Dear Sir,

We already have a ready product for PDA tracking and for making the Thuraya handset a GPS tracking unit ready. Please see the PDA software under downloads and the product “TrackMe” in the website for further details.

The informaiton from the Thuraya handset can also be sent to the email address on a regular basis which can be plotted on google or other softwares.


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