Two good primer videos about ‘cargotecture’

by Jon Thompson on October 14, 2008

I found these two videos over at, a site which aims to be the clearing house for shipping container architectural design.  The first one covers a group of metal artists in nearby Berkeley that have converted their containers into work spaces.  I remember the hubbub from a few years ago when they had to move for some zoning reasons.  You can pick-up a few interesting bits of info from the interviews:

The second is a segment from a History Channel episode about Container City in London, UK and FutureShack in Australia.  You can see the potential for using shipping containers in relief scenarios:

FutureShack is impressive but I am not sure about the use of plywood in humid environments.  The adhesives are the favorite food of many fungi.  However, I do like the suspension systems sans roof.  Elevating the container is critical in areas where rainfall is heavy.

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