‘News: US foreign aid and impartiality. A bad score.’

by Jon Thompson on November 21, 2008

Peter over at The Road to the Horizon has some great posts and photos like the one I picked-up from his alt site (For Those Who Want To Know) below.  Today he serves up the score on US aid to foreign countries and according to the report the results are not good.  From his post:

The United States, the world’s largest international aid donor, is among the worst at promoting the independence, impartiality and neutrality of humanitarian aid to needy populations, according to a survey by a Madrid-based nonprofit group that monitors donors’ performance.

The Development Assistance Research Associates (DARA) Humanitarian Response Index 2008 measures how effectively the world’s 23 largest donors deliver aid. The United States ranked 15th in overall effectiveness and only 13th in the level of generosity measured by the size of its economy.

But it ranked near the bottom, 22nd, when it came to ensure that political considerations don’t exclude worthy recipients of aid. (Details)

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