‘The war in Gaza escalates. Civilian and aid worker casualties on the rise. Words “Crimes against humanity” coming up. Gaza bombing’

by Jon Thompson on January 11, 2009

Peter over at The Road to the Horizon has a summary of the losses suffered by aid organizations working in Gaza and the surrounding area.  From the post:

  • On Friday night, an Israeli drone missile hit a car from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), an international NGO. NPA stated the car was clearly marked with the NPA logo, and that it was impossible for the personel in control of the drone to miss that this was a humanitarian vehicle. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated the incident as a clear violation of international law, according to NRK. (Full)
  • Earlier this week, an ambulance belonging to an Oxfam partner organisation was hit by an Israeli shell, killing one aidworker, and injuring two others. (Full)

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