Zfone – the latest encryption tool for your VOIP client

by Jon Thompson on February 22, 2009

Patrick Meier mentioned an interesting product over on his iRevolution blog.  It is called Zfone and it provides high level encryption for most VOIP client software.  It doesn’t work with Skype but I wonder if that was intentional since Skype calls are already encrypted.  Zfone uses the ZRTP protocol and while I have no idea what that is it does sound cool and apparently it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Just remember that dragging this sort of encryption technology to an embargoed country can land you in hot water with the US government and since it is an ‘American’ product I’ll bet you a nickel that the BIS will get around to assigning a classification pretty quick, or not, but it doesn’t much matter as it is their job to make the rules and your job to follow them.

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