Jeff doesn’t like URL shorteners

by Jon Thompson on May 24, 2009

After my last gush about and microtrends, etc. I got a hand slap from Jeff:

URL shortners will contribute to the already ephemeral nature of the
web. They are not a good idea. The whole limited characters thing of
Twitter is not actually a good idea. Perhaps stylistically it is, so
maybe twitter’s UI needs to change so that the URL lives outside the
post or something.

We are going to wake up to a terrible hangover from URL shorteners.

Jeff said I could use that if I made sure to include this article by Boing Boing founder Cory Doctorow featuring founder Joshua Schachter talking about how URL shorteners suck.

Jeff is getting married soon so he better be worrying about the hangover he’s going to have from all that Swiss Alpen grog stuff he’s going to be drinking!  Woo hoo, Jeff!  Oh yeah, and thanks to JAT for jacking me so I couldn’t make it to the wedding!

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