ThurayaLocate – Locate Thuraya users in Google Maps or Virtual Earth

by Jon Thompson on August 18, 2008

Thuraya has launched a new service called ThurayaLocate which allows you to track the position of any Thuraya phone in Google Maps and Virtual Earth.  I am thrilled that Thuraya has decided to enter the geolocation fray.  This product could prove a serious challenger to the app I have been helping the InSTEDD team with and to a lesser extent Nokia’s SportTracker and various iPhone Apps.  Thuraya satellite phones are the workhorses of the humanitarian telecommunications arsenal.

From the Thuraya site:

Thuraya is pleased to announce the launch of ThurayaLocate, a free of charge GPS locating service that grants you an added sense of security by giving you the ability to send your location details from your Thuraya handset to family, friends, business associates or emergency services.

Developed by Geonix, the service works by:

• The Thuraya subscriber registering their handset for the ThurayaLocate service via
• Upon registration, the subscriber will receive a username and password to access the service. The subscriber decides which authorized people they will share the username and password with.
• After registering, the user acquires their GPS position using the standard features available on Thuraya handsets.
• This information is then sent manually via SMS to the ThurayaLocate operations center.
• The authorized parties log on to the website with the subscriber username and password.
• The web browser displays the handset location using maps, satellite images and aerial photography made available via Google Maps or Windows Virtual Earth.

Visit for more information and to register for the service.

Here’s a screenshot of the login page:

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