‘Portable VSAT Does WiMAX’

by Jon Thompson on October 17, 2008

Sam Churchill over at Dailywireless.org has a write-up on portable VSAT units and WiMAX that segues into a bit on low power portable wireless communication units for use in disaster situations.  Not sure about the video but Sam always has some good material.  From the article:

Their solution looks like two 40 watt Polycrystalline panels (80 watts at $600) plus a 200 watt wind turbine ($700). The panels might deliver a total of 5 amps for an average of 4 hrs per day, or 20 amp/hours total. That should charge a 45 amp/hr Optima Yellow Top 12 volt battery ($200) about half-way. A mobile router (WiFi locally/WiMAX backhaul) draws about 1 amp at 12 volts. It would discharge the battery about half way (operating 24 hrs/day). The wind turbine provides backup. The whole thing might cost around $2000.

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