Update: Satellite to Twitter now does KML and embeds

by Jon Thompson on August 15, 2009

Satellite to Twitter

Nick Jaffe of Satellite to Twitter and Big Oceans fame wrote me a few days ago:

Hey Jon,

All is well – I’ve sailed down to Hawaii, and will continue on to
Palmyra & the south Pacific this week (just waiting out the

Thought you might be interested to hear that in my sailing downtime,
I’ve added embeddable maps for Sat2twitter users, as well as a KML
generator – Essentially enabling users to embed maps of their
SPOT/Iridium Twitter updates, or mash directly the raw KML if they
like –

How are you doing? Still in Europe?

Cheers, Nick

If you haven’t checked out Satellite to Twitter do so now as it is incredibly cool. As Nick mentions you can now generate KML files from your sat Tweets and track people using Google Earth. Check out Nick’s embeddable Google Earth map and his latest loc:

Are we really to believe that that last Tweet came from his iPhone all the way out there? Hawaii must have some killer coverage. Isn’t he using a SPOT?

Keep on rocking Nick. Enjoy the sunsets and the fresh fish. You are almost home!

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