Kara Swisher has got it right – Facebook is a non-starter

by Jon Thompson on October 2, 2007

Check out Kara’s post over at AllThingsD here. $10 billion for Facebook? I opened a Facebook account several weeks ago which was about 10 years after I opened a Friendster account, all because of an invite from one person. Back then you had to enter a person’s email, now Facebook just sucks up your address book. Creepy. So far, absolutely nothing has come of it. I don’t even bother to check my account anymore. I think Mark Zuckerberg may have missed the sell out on this one. 40 million users but how many of those are active?

Skype is a different animal. Of course, EBay should have never bought Skype, Google should have. Skype has dedicated users that will stay with it because it works. It is still one of the most brilliant ideas to have ever come along and will remain so for quite some time to come. Skype is one of greatest tools to have ever fallen into the hands of aid workers. At one point Skype was saving us $300/hr. Facebook hasn’t saved me a dime. Facebook, I believe, will soon have a good number of virtual vacancies.

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