I’m Back

by Jon Thompson on April 9, 2020

After a 5yr hiatus…I’m back. I am not sure for how long or what the future holds but I am one of the at least 16,780,000 who are now unemployed. While I was at a larger, established company the startups around here are getting equally hammered. You can track the rout in real time here.

I have a little time to think so I thought I’d dust off my old blog and post a bit about these COVID cuts, pandemic response, energy security and whatever else comes to mind. After haven’t spent so many years in the field, with NEHK’s at the ready where we could treat 10,000 people for 3 months, it is stunning to see that some hospitals don’t have enough resources to help a fraction of that number for 3 weeks. Someone didn’t plan properly.

It strikes me that we are going to come out of this pandemic in time to roll right into summer fires and perhaps another Public Safety Power Shutoff. Luckily, Tesla is maintaining some “energy services operations” which I hope means they will have please of storage systems available in the late summer and fall.

I am interested in what comes next with pandemic both in terms of what technologies are born out of it or those that stand ready to help such as Kinsa, Oura and Airinum. How prepared will we be for the next pandemic? We certainly can’t afford to hunker down for weeks at a time every time a new novel virus circulates.

We definitely have the monitoring locked down it seems. From JHU’s CSSE dashboard, to the University of Washington’s COVID projection dashboard, STAT’s tracker and the BBC’s visual data page, I feel like I know when this might be over and we might be able to once again dine out, get haircuts and hug our family members.

We knew this was going to happen. If you don’t believe me please be sure to watch Pandemic on Netflix. It was co-produced by a former colleague, Dr. Sheri Fink.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned. Many thanks.

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