Mobile Barcoder 0.1.4 (cont.)

by Jon Thompson on July 22, 2008

Duncan Sample, the developer of the Firefox Add-on, Mobile Barcoder 0.1.4, writes:

“Glad you like it. Don’t forget that you can also use it with links and text selections. Just right click on them and select the ‘create barcode…’ from the menu and you’ll get a barcode of that link/selection.”

From his site:

More requested functionality, now you can create a barcode for a link or even selected text

The latest version of my Mobile Barcoder Firefox Extension has now passed verification and is compatible with Firefox 3. New features and changes include:

  • Link barcode – Right click on a link, and directly in the context menu you can display a barcode for that link. This will be especially useful for people who have been wanting to create links for application downloads on sites which don’t display them already.
  • Text selection barcode – Right click on a text selection and just like with links, you can display a barcode for that text directly in the context menu. Not quite as useful
  • Now using Nokia Mobile Codes generator – Since the barcode generator is server-side, this should help ease the problems that have been experienced by users when my personal server goes down, and should also increase the speed of generation. Thanks Marku and team at the Nokia

Thanks for the info, Duncan.

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