What do you want to see more of at Aid Worker Daily?

by Jon Thompson on July 30, 2008

Folks, help me out here.  It is time to let me know what you want.  Believe me, I can blather on incessantly until the cows come home but I want to make sure I am giving y’all what you want.  I appreciate the fact that you have enjoyed what I have had to say so far but my gut tells me that there are a number of you who could give less of a hoot about gadgets, etc.  Jobs seem to be inching up the charts so I’ll be throwing more down on that subject.  In the mean time please toss a word into a comment box so that I can plot a course.  Don’t be shy, speak up!

p.s. – You can also drop me a line at aidworkerdaily@gmail.com!

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