Mobile networks are still up and running in Gaza!

by Jon Thompson on January 12, 2009

I just heard from Jacob Korenblum at Souktel, the service that partnered with Ushahidi and Al Jazeera to produce this map, and as far as they are concerned there is little if any difficulty getting through on the GSM networks in Gaza.

Souktel is running several services for aid agencies in Gaza, and SMS and voice networks have generally been working fine for the past week. We’ve seen some periodic delays and interruptions, but two-way texting and voice calling is ultimately possible at most hours of the day, allowing our clients to use our software apps without too much difficulty.

There has been some speculation that the networks are being jammed by the IDF at least as far as the New York Times is concerned. I also posted earlier on a GigaOm article in which the folks at PalTel stated that most of their equipment had been wiped out.

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