Pine Ridge Pow Wow

by Jon Thompson on September 4, 2009

Pine Ridge Pow Wow from American Festivals Project on Vimeo.

Given the awful taste left in my mouth from this past week of trying to tamp down the fringe elements of the aid community with appeals to logic, I think it best that I offer up some strong medicine to counteract their poison.

I attended my first pow wow about 15 years ago on the Arapaho Reservation, not far from the town of Riverton, WY . A day or so before I took part in a sweat lodge ceremony with tribal members that lasted from mid-day until late in the evening.

I am thinking that we should get the MSF-UK office over to our side of the pond for an evening of fry bread, honey butter and ritual cleansing. It might help them to shake loose that nonsense that they’ve got stuck in their heads.

Even if they decline the offer y’all can still spend a little time with some reality.


p.s. – Please check out these incredible photos from the American Festivals Project!

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