MozyPro Update

by Jon Thompson on July 11, 2008

I pitched MozyPro a few posts back as a viable back-up tool for field workers.  Everything was running smoothly until I closed the account it was charging to and opened a new one.  That is when the trouble began.  Every time I called the (877)MozyPro I actually received an “All circuits are busy” recording.  (I don’t think I have heard that recording in quite a while.)  Rather than flip me into a loop they just stopped me cold.  I finally wrote tech support and a very nice guy named Josh called back.  However, he could not help me with billing as he was on the wrong side of the office…

To make a long story short MozyPro fails on the customer service side and if you are stuck in the bush making satellite phone calls to a overloaded number you are going to lose patience a lot faster than I did.  Great software, lousy execution.

UPDATE: Mozy got back to me with an apology.  Take a look at the comments.

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