Pirate Maps

by Jon Thompson on November 21, 2008

Pirate Map

I am not sure how relevant this is to the aid industry other than the fact that most attacks occur in locations where we routinely work.  The Live Piracy Map is a project of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Commercial Crime Services Division.

I once sailed through the Gulf of Aden en route from Sri Lanka to Aden aboard a 30ft sailboat.  I remember steering clear of Socotra which, at the time, was home base for many pirates.  It looks like they have decided to try their luck a little further afield.


Mikel Maron mentions ‘real pirate maps’ in his latest post over at Brainoff.com.  He is referring to the latest Reliefweb/UNOSAT map that can be downloaded here.

Frank Taylor over at Google Earth Blog has a great write-up and a KML file of pirate attacks in the area.

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