‘Verizon’s Blackberry Storm’

by Jon Thompson on November 21, 2008

Sam Churchill over at Dailywireless has a nice write-up on the new Blackberry Storm where he pulls quotes from an AppleInsider review:

  • Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg – “Overall, the Storm is a very capable handheld computer that will appeal to BlackBerry users who have been pining for a touch-controlled device with a larger screen.”
  • Wired’s Daniel Dumas – “If you’re locked into a contract with Verizon, want a touchscreen phone, and are willing to put up with an OS that moves like a tranquilized yak, then yes the Storm is for you. Otherwise, your best bet is an iPhone or the very capable BlackBerry Bold.”
  • PC World’s Yardena Arar – “But people who were hoping for a credible iPhone alternative fortified with BlackBerry’s strengths as a mobile tool for corporate travelers will likely find the Storm a disappointment. When it comes to touch interfaces, Apple still has no peer.”

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