TimeSpace – A brilliant piece of work by The Washington Post

by Jon Thompson on April 17, 2009

TimeSpace: World

After a week full of Twitter news, Susan Boyle and Paul’s admission that crowdsourcing isn’t total crap 😉 I was delighted to find this morning that The Washington Post has been diligently working away on a project that makes Google Maps sparkle and shine like it hasn’t in a good many months. TimeSpace is a mashup of (unfortunately) entertainment news that was probably developed when the creative geniuses in the back room were let out of their box. I can just imagine the look on their faces when they were told that their subject matter was to be entertainment. Ouch.

The last time I saw visualization this good was when @jalada and crew released Twitterfall.

UPDATE: TimeSpace: World has been around for at least a couple four months since it caught the inauguration and there are some other very cool news maps out there. I still think the dev guys were bummed when they found out they had to integrate entertainment.

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