Why is everyone hiring bloggers?

by Jon Thompson on July 14, 2009

Photo: The Giant Vermin

Photo: The Giant Vermin

Do they know something we don’t? VentureBeat is hiring and so is Pete over at Mashable. Do they have the inside line on an economic turn around?  Maybe it was the Goldman Sachs announcement.

Do you have the chops to write for them?  Mind you, you cannot just walk in and start cashing those checks.  Mashable requires that you,

“..have prior experience writing for a Technorati Top 100 blog and you must be a regular Twitter user with 500 followers or more.”

I bet Matt has the same standards. Better start cranking if you want to get caught in the upswing and make your name as a power blogger.

If you know of any other gigs please feel free to drop a comment.

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